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Effective 11/11/18, our Board of Directors voted to dissolve David Shelton Ministries Not for Profit Corporation.  Although we will continue to make David’s book, DVD and CD performances available to the public through our website, donations will no longer receive a tax deduction.  This difficult decision is reminiscent of when we knew it was time to end our homeschool education of our children.  David wisely said to me, “Don’t be sad, it was a good season, but the season is over."  Thank you, Debra Shelton


Ministries & Conferences

Focus on the Family
Colorado Springs, CO

On-Air:  1990, 1991, 1993, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2008, 2012

Live Performances:
1992, 1998, 2001, 2003

The Legacy Institute
Seattle, WA

This wonderful and cutting edge ministry uses David's "The Great King" DVD as the anchor for their 4th Grade Curriculum that reaches across the United States and overseas.


Crista Ministries
Seattle, WA

On-Air:  Weekly radio program Our Favorite Hymns featuring hymn writers and giants of the faith.

Live Performances
:  School chapels, staff chapels


Prisoners for Christ
Union Gospel Mission

Special Delivery

Salvation Army



Christ in Youth

Summer Conferences

            Adrian, MI

            Fort Wayne, IN

            Bethany, OK

            Cullowhee, NC 

            Denver, CO

            Gunnison, CO

            Bolivar, MO     

            Kirksville, MO

            Boone, NC

            San Diego, CA


North American Christian Convention


California Christian Youth Convention

Children's Pastors' Conference, Denver

Church Music Conference, Joplin, MO

Cincinnati Bible College, Mid-Winter Weekend

Drama Improvement Conference, ACTS Portland, OR

Florida Christian Youth Convention

His Way Crusade, Great Lakes Bible College

High School Days, Cincinnati Bible College

Illowis Teen Convention, Illinois/Iowa/Wisconsin

Idaho Family Forum Youth Conference, Boise

Iowa Christian Teen Convention

Kentucky Teens for Christ, Lexington, KY

Mount Carmel Christian Church Preteen Convention, Stone Mountain, Georgia

National Association of Church Business Administrators

National Pastors' and Leader's Conference,  Kirkland, WA

North American Christian Convention

Northmen Conference, Kalkaska, MI

Oak Harbor Drama Seminar, Covenant Church

Ohio Christian Teen Convention

Pennsylvania Christian Teen Convention

Sunnyside Christian Ch/ Drama Seminar, Colorado Springs.

West Texas Teen Convention, Odessa, TX

World Missionary Conference, Kirkland, WA

Youth Fling, Rapid City, SD




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