Effective 11/11/18, our Board of Directors voted to dissolve David Shelton Ministries Not for Profit Corporation.  Although we will continue to make David’s book, DVD and CD performances available to the public through our website, donations will no longer receive a tax deduction.  This difficult decision is reminiscent of when we knew it was time to end our homeschool education of our children.  David wisely said to me, “Don’t be sad, it was a good season, but the season is over."  Thank you, Debra Shelton

It was David's heart's desire to be used of God (onstage or offstage) to introduce people to Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and also to encourage believers to continue walking with Jesus.

Here is a brief video clip in which David shares at the completion of the DVD performance of the book of Philippians.

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