David's wonderful legacy is captured forever in our memories of him. He was gifted in Faith and lived for Jesus, both on stage and off. His legacy lives on through his outstanding, inspiring performances.   David considered his dramatic gifting a "vehicle to share the love of Christ." He loved to be used by God to touch hearts through biblical characterizations, straight scripture, storytelling, songs and mime.   David's wonderful performances live on through CD and DVD. The Apostle Peter, Jonah, Elijah, the books of Philippians and James, The Great King Trilogy and his Christmas Classic, The Innkeeper's Dream.


Athough David has earned his eternal reward and now resides in heaven, his legacy continues. We invite you to browse these pages, video clips and testimonials that highlight David’s wonderful gifting from the Lord as a communicator of the love of Jesus Christ.  Remember to visit our performance page and e-store, as many of David’s other performances are available on CD and DVD. 

The Innkeeper's Dream

DVD $15.00! Limited supply  CDs are SOLD OUT
The Innkeeper's Dream
Based on Chapter 2 of Luke's gospel, this performance was Broadcast on Focus on the Family in 1991, 1992, 1995, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2011 and 2012.  The fictionalized innkeeper tells the story of Christ's birth to his friend, thinking that it was just a dream. With humor and poignancy throughout, the Christmas performance tugs at the heartstrings of everyone as they envision that first Christmas Morning! The DVD was recorded during a live performance with 3 cameras. Approximately 30 minutes.

The CD includes two performances! The original Studio Recording as heard on Focus on the Family and a BONUS live performance, recorded at Focus on the Family during a Physicians Conference.
 DVD and CD (audio) 

David's Flagship Performance, The Apostle Peter.    SOLD OUT

This first-person characterization of the Apostle Peter was written by Steve Thomas in 1979 and David performed it over 2000. Filmed before an audience of over 1,000 with four cameras, The Apostle Peter includes a portion of the Sermon on the Mount, and remains many folks' favorite as it begins with Peter meeting Christ and continues through the Day of Pentecost, including Peter's denial, the Crucifixion and Resurrection. About 40 minutes in length.  "The part when Peter denies Christ three times is riveting."   Click here to order

Paul's Letter to Philippi  - David Performs the Book of Philippians
DVD On Sale $10.00!  SOLD OUT

One of David's most beloved performances of straight scripture. David began performing this letter from the Apostle Paul to the church at Philippi in 1980. David bookends the straight scripture with references to the referred character of Timothy, to whom Paul dictated the letter while he was under house arrest in Rome. *Be sure to stay tuned at the end of the performance, as David gives a wonderful closing!   Filmed in 1989, formerly available on VHS. Now available on DVD

Here is a brief video clip in which David shares at the completion of the DVD performance of the book of Philippians.

The Great King DVD  SOLD OUT

Experience David's masterful telling of part I his allegorical trilogy, The Great King!
Experience David's masterful telling of part I of his riveting allegory of the Gospel, the Great Commission, and the Second Coming of Christ. David Shelton brings storytelling to a new level as he incorporates visual imagery with exciting characters, including a Sword with a mind of its own. Experience the Castle at the top of the Solid Stone Mountain, the King's forty attendants and the best ice cream ever invented on your way to the finale' when The Crown Prince returns in victory once and for all. Click here for a videoclip!!
Dr. John Trent endorses David's book - The Great King Trilogy
"In these trying, fearful times, it's important to read epic tales of courage and sacrifice - stories where right and light overcome darkness and wrong. That's part of why I encourage you to read The Great King Trilogy with your family. It's a retelling of the greatest story of all stories of a King and His son that will bless your heart and become a powerful teaching tool for your children."
John Trent, Ph.D. Best selling Christian Author  President, StrongFamilies.com                                                                          Read it!   
God Bless you,

Debra Shelton
Celebrating the Life & Ministry of David.


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