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The Innkeepers' Dream Testimony

2005: A church uses "The Innkeeper's Dream" video and 15 decisions for Christ!

Dear David and Debra Shelton,

Thank you for allowing us to show the video of the Innkeeper's Dream
as part of our Christmas program this past December.
We were blessed to have nearly 100 first-time visitors to our church
for the Christmas program and there were nine who trusted
Christ as their Savior that evening.

A few days later, we took the video and a smaller group of
our choir members to a juvenile detention center for a
special service. There were a little over 30 teens in the service, and 4 of
these accepted Christ.
On Sunday, December 28, we took the video and a smaller group of our
choir members to an area correctional facility for a special service. About twenty-five men were in attendance and two of the men were saved.

Each of these souls are "fruit that may abound to your account"
(Philippians 4:17).
Without a doubt, this was the most powerful Christmas program we
have ever had, and your ministry of drama played an important role in how God used our worship for His glory.

God Bless You.
Brad McFeters, Assistant Pastor
Greater Portland Baptist Church


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